Shri Mohanbhai L. Patel

President / Managing Trustee,

Patel Kelavani Mandal

 Education is a life process. It is the process of sharing knowledge and experience . Education is the result of the relationship between the Teacher and leaner. In true education both giver and the receiver gain. In each session of education both can undergo the process of improvement where there is intensive interaction.

 The academic community not only imparts academics but aims for all round development that is physical, mental, emotional, intellectual ,psychological, spiritual development and cultivate basic human qualities like honesty, integrity, tolerance etc.

 This is a college which provides quality education using state of the art methods and grounding in Traditional human values, ensuring academics and personal growth, which prepares the learners for facing future challenges and enable future leader to take proper responsibility. A college which ensure the academic and personal growth and gives a ocean of knowledge, to mould our future citizen of india, as our nation can PROSPER and progress in real sense only when educational institution from kinder garden to universities inculcate in students a desire to excel every field and to face the challenges.

I Conculde saying...

 In this one year of teacher's training programme, the teachers are fully involved and dedicated towards the duties assigned to them by the institution, and the keen observers, trainee teachers are influenced by their teacher's teaching methods and dedication their work, Which builds a strong bond (attachments) between the trainee teachers, the THE GOAL of the institution is achieved.


Shri M.K. Dekiwadiya


Shri Patel Kelavani Mandal B.ED. College, Junagadh.

 As said Education is the need for existence, we facilitate the education for better and brighter tomorrow.

 Patel Kelavani Mandal has pretty long track of more then 40 years in providing, quality education. Institute has been able to create the best academic environment in beautiful and comfortable wide campus, effective educational process which provides the student, the best skills and confidence to continue learning throughout their lives.

 A sophisticated IT in fracture integrates offline and online learning and provides access to information through a well stoked learning resource center (library) which develops in young minds the skills to think, question lay emphasis on research work.

 The most significant contribution that the organization has made in the life of the student is inculcation of intellectual skill, curiosity, emphasis on strength of character and deep sense of moral values.

 All this is result of meticulous planning, dedicated and strenuous efforts of the Members, under the best leadership of Principal, fully backed by the Management and full co - operation of active students.

 With well co - ordinates sincere collective of all of us for the better and brightest future of our students, who are our future nation, we shall be able to do the best in coming years.

 Join and share with us the Joy of Progressive learning.


Dr. Alkesh R. Vachhani


Shri Patel Kelavani Mandal B.ED. College, Junagadh.

Dear Students,

 It is well said by Rabindranath Tagore "The highest education is the which does not merely gives us information but makes our life harmony with all existence ". To give you exposure to such a life I welcome you to the institute where apart of academics, you will learn to live for those ideas that will outlast your own life.

 In a country like India, where more and more students are facing stress and pressure due to intense completion. It becomes our responsibility to adopt and promote new methods of learning that suits the students of Gujarat. We have designed our curriculum under the guidance of our experienced and qualified trustees and dedicated faculty members in such a way that it becomes easy to grab the technology in our hands.

 The institute provides rich and stimulating learning environment to enhance quality education. Apart quality education the curriculum is designed in a way to train students for rapidly changing world, to sharpen their brains, develop logical and observational skills etc.I conclude saying it is our genuine endeavor to make education a meaningful and enjoyable experience.